Nick looking right with the light

Nick looking right with the light
FEC202 1-6-12 Nick looking right with the light

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FEC107 Jan 5, 2011

The Night Train himself, Mr. Tim giving us cabooses a look-over going past the
Junction at Old Dixie Hwy tonight from the cab of a RPB tucked in between the
102 and 715LHF. Long train, too, with lots of IM, brown guys, 6 or 8 black
BeautyRest and toward the bottom a couple boxes and a very lonesome auto
rack who got into the wrong corral somehow.
Good to see you, Tim. Was that Paul with you, too dark for us to see him.
EoT past MP216 at 9:59PM on their way to meet one at FO.

What a surprise!!! Nice to see you and Mrs Caboose out on a glorious night. That was Paul and Mr Barlow out of Ft Misery running to learn the road. I was monitoring and watching from the 2nd as well as enjoying a Dominican. A long and hot southbound with Laud and Mia's all three motors a roarin'!
Glad to see you both. Be careful and enjoy the time you have together. Life is good!Tim.

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